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The government allows the fishing industry to use harmful gear to catch fish, damaging the seabeds that are the foundations of ocean ecosystems. Damage to ecosystems makes it harder for depleted fish populations to recover, and less fish to spawn means less young fish to grow and be caught by fishers in the future. This in turn results in fewer jobs for fishers, forcing them to ask politicians aid their industry, which they do by allowing fishers to continue fishing causing more harm to ocean ecosystems.

The problems with our fisheries need to be looked at in relation to one another - and solved in the same way.

You are often told that buying sustainably-caught fish helps prevent overfishing, or supporting anti-trawling campaigns, or by donating. Doing these things can make a huge difference, but until the problems are looked at and solved together from the point of view of the whole system of our fisheries, the damage to ocean ecosystems will never be reversed.

EyeOverFishing is a map of the UK fisheries system, the problems with it, and solutions that are possible today. It explores not only the question 'how can someone make a difference?' but also 'which changes within the fisheries system will make the biggest difference?'

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